mpfr_vec.h – vectors of MPFR floating-point numbers


This module is deprecated, and will probably removed completely in the future.

Memory management

mpfr_ptr _mpfr_vec_init(slong len, flint_bitcnt_t prec)

Returns a vector of the given length of initialised mpfr’s with the given exact precision.

void _mpfr_vec_clear(mpfr_ptr vec, slong len)

Clears the given vector.


void _mpfr_vec_zero(mpfr_ptr vec, slong len)

Zeros the vector (vec, len).

void _mpfr_vec_set(mpfr_ptr vec1, mpfr_srcptr vec2, slong len)

Copies the vector vec2 of the given length into vec1. No check is made to ensure vec1 and vec2 are different.