Portable FLINT types

For platform independence, FLINT provides two types ulong and slong to replace unsigned long and long respectively. These are guaranteed to be the same size as GMP’s mp_limb_t and mp_limb_signed_t types, respectively.

A full list of types provided by FLINT is available in code_conventions.txt in the top-level source tree.

As FLINT supports Windows 64 on which the FLINT ulong and slong types are 64 bits, whilst unsigned long and long are only 32 bits, it is necessary to have a special format specifier which is 64 bits on Windows 64 instead of the usual "%lu" and "%ld".

For this purpose FLINT provides its own I/O functions, flint_printf, flint_fprintf, flint_sprintf, flint_scanf, flint_fscanf and flint_sscanf, which work exactly as the usual system versions, but which take the "%wu" and "%wd" format specifiers, which support FLINT ulong and slong types respectively.

Also, instead of using constants 123UL and 123L, FLINT provides the macros UWORD(123) and WORD(123) respectively for constants of type ulong and slong respectively.

The maximum and minimum values that can be represented by these types are given by UWORD_MAX and WORD_MAX respectively.