thread_pool.h – thread pool

Thread pool

type thread_pool_t

This is a thread pool.

type thread_pool_handle

This is a handle to a thread in a thread pool.

void thread_pool_init(thread_pool_t T, slong size)

Initialise T and create size sleeping threads that are available to work. If \(size \le 0\) no threads are created and future calls to thread_pool_request() will return \(0\) (unless thread_pool_set_size() has been called).

slong thread_pool_get_size(thread_pool_t T)

Return the number of threads in T.

int thread_pool_set_size(thread_pool_t T, slong new_size)

If all threads in T are in the available state, resize T and return 1. Otherwise, return 0.

slong thread_pool_request(thread_pool_t T, thread_pool_handle *out, slong requested)

Put at most requested threads in the unavailable state and return their handles. The handles are written to out and the number of handles written is returned. These threads must be released by a call to thread_pool_give_back.

void thread_pool_wake(thread_pool_t T, thread_pool_handle i, int max_workers, void (*f)(void*), void *a)

Wake up a sleeping thread i and have it work on f(a). The thread being woken will be allowed to start max_workers additional worker threads. Usually this value should be set to 0.

void thread_pool_wait(thread_pool_t T, thread_pool_handle i)

Wait for thread i to finish working and go back to sleep.

void thread_pool_give_back(thread_pool_t T, thread_pool_handle i)

Put thread i back in the available state. This thread should be sleeping when this function is called.

void thread_pool_clear(thread_pool_t T)

Release any resources used by T. All threads should be given back before this function is called.